My New 3D Printer say Hello..

 My New Robo 3D Printer says Hello World …

I have just taken the plunge and invested in a new 3D Printer. As a garage inventor I have a lot of cool thing that i have create. Sadly the finishing this mostly lame. My favourite materials verbally being cardboard – which I’m always stinking in and makes for the ultimate rapid build material, and any bits of plastic that I can improvise with. This approach to presentation certainly does do my ideas and creations any justice.

Having watched Markos Kaysar’s SolaSinter exploits on Vimeo recently, I figured it was time to step it up a gear! I guess i was inspired. For those who don’t know, here you go…

Markus Kayser – Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

I spent several months researching 3D printers in general in an attempt to the buy ‘The Right One’ – which I conclude was a decent RepRap so that I could learn and also use it to create more printers. I’m generally disappointed in the print volume across the board. Don’t get me wrong – credit where credit is due, but ever the biggest 3D printers have build volumes of around 1m cubes. What I really wanted was a way low cost way of turning my entire garage into a massive printer. That way, I could set it going, go in holiday and come back to a new VW Camper T2 – ready for a few finishing touches. I guess that will have to be a project for another day though 🙂

In the end i ended up impulse buying a used one from eBay. I was looking at garage doors and spotted a used 3D printer that once sold for $699 on Kickstarter with 0 bids and 3 minutes to go. Do I put a cheeky bid for what I was budgeting for the RepRap.

Although I did not expect this to be a self build project, thanks to some FuckWit at Parcel Force who can't understanding the words, "Fragile, This WAY UP" - I ended up with a broken print bed, displaced rods, etc.... basically, a KIT!

Many may say that 3D Printing is a consumer revolution that never happened. You will never be able to compete with China on volume, Asda on price or Amazon Prime for speed and delivery. But IMO that is not want this is about.

This may be folly, but I have my Producer Hat rather than Consumer Hat on.. And already have a ling list of crazy things that I want to build. One of these was a VW Camper – but the printer isn’t big enough and I may not have enough filament for that 🙂 My first real project is likely to be solution for getting sunlight into my dark loft. Although electrically illuminated it just feels gloomy. I’ll add to it Thingiverve when ready.

I have earmarked some other cool yet realist things at Thingiverse to get me started 🙂

First things first though, lets put this pile of bits back together and get it working… and maybe order a new new print bed if i can’t salvage this one.

Let the journey begin!

Dude, where's my wheels?

DUDE, where’s my wheels?!?

A WTF moment. This neighbourhood is going right downhill! I’m glad I have wheel nuts but am feeling for my neighbour.

While I’m absolutely disgusted and Right Now think that we we should bring back corporal punishment, there is part of my brain that is doing something very odd indeed.

Dude, where's my wheels?
It’s wondering, how the fυcκ did that θφξψ manage to take the wheels off that car without setting off the alarm.  I guess skill and craftmanship comes in all shapes and sizes…

Technology vs Pencil & Paper

I’m very fond of gadgets. I have them all. There is something special about whipping out a grand’s worth if gear to demonstrate a concept or idea. Amusingly, that same idea could have been scribble on a napkin with a borrowes pen and the outcome would have been the same.  

I’ve been there too. Some of my best brain farts have been shared in this way.


When it comes to moving an idea from the minds eye to a rough canvas, you can’t beat pen and paper. But you don’t have settle for any old napkin or the backside if recycled printer paper.

Instead, make sure you have some simple templates on tap or stockpiled. Some of my factorites include Isometric Graph Paper and Story Board Templates

If you are feeling eco-friendly then take a stack of old paper that has been printed on one side and print these grids on the other site.