Technology vs Pencil & Paper

I’m very fond of gadgets. I have them all. There is something special about whipping out a grand’s worth if gear to demonstrate a concept or idea. Amusingly, that same idea could have been scribble on a napkin with a borrowes pen and the outcome would have been the same.  

I’ve been there too. Some of my best brain farts have been shared in this way.


When it comes to moving an idea from the minds eye to a rough canvas, you can’t beat pen and paper. But you don’t have settle for any old napkin or the backside if recycled printer paper.

Instead, make sure you have some simple templates on tap or stockpiled. Some of my factorites include Isometric Graph Paper and Story Board Templates

If you are feeling eco-friendly then take a stack of old paper that has been printed on one side and print these grids on the other site. 

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